Some information:
Population: 16,864
Size: 29.09 km2

Midland is a part of County od Simcoe, located on southern end of Georgian Bay and 30,000 islands. Midland is an economic center of the region with its own hospital and airport. Midland boasts an array of housing opportunities, from waterfront houses to condominiums to single family homes. Downtown Midland is a historic site with lots of street art paintings showing noteworthy moments of local history. There is good fishing and ice fishing in Midland, cross country skiing, water activities, beaches, parks, museums, theaters and festivals and resort style hotels. Midland is and attractive community with very affordable housing options.

Hospitals: Georgian Bay General Hospital

Airport: Midland/Huronia Airport


Elementary School Name Fraser Rating (out of 10.0)
Sacred Heart5.20
Huron Park4.70
Monsignor Castex4.60
Secondary School Name Fraser Rating (out of 10.0)
Georgian Bay District4.40

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