New Tecumseth

Some information:
Population: 34,242
Size: 274.2 km2

New Tecumseth is a town in Simcoe County which includes communities of Alliston, Tottenham, and Beeton. New Tecumseth is located about 40 minutes drive to downtown Barrie or same distance to downtown Newmarket.

Towns location makes it very convinient commute to work to larger cities. However, town itself is home to Honda Canada manufacturing plant and therefore employs around 4000 workers. Great investment opportunities, due to fast growing community and lots of housing options for every taste. If you like to live in a small town with an allure, New Tecumseth might be a perfect place for you. You will find an array of bungalow style homes with large lot sizes in New Tecumseth as well as single family, semi-detached or townhomes in newer subdivisions. New Tecumseth is also home to Tottenham Conservation area, a picturesque gateway with 41 acres or parkland and a beautiful pond. There you can enjoy the beach, camping, fishing and walking trails.

Hospitals: Stevenson Memorial Hospital

Major employers: Honda Canada manufacturing plant

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